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Jaume I, remembering the history and the legend

Jaume I, remembering the history and the legend

Format: Digital Betacam.
1 chapter.
Total length: 17min. Stereo.
Language: Valencian – Spanish.
Category: Video, documentaries, historical re-enactments and history.
Location: Valencia – Comunidad Valenciana – Comunitat Valenciana – Community of Valencia.

DESCRIPTION: Documentary showing the evolution of the legend of James I of Aragon (Jaume I) from his death to the modern day. Over the years there have been many different interpretations of this king's life and his heroic deeds.

Different periods of history provide the setting for the extras participating in this production, which was shot in Peñíscola, Vall de Crist, Benlliure museum house and Valencia, amongst other places. A Generality of Valencia production.

Topics covered: Historical re-enactments, medieval combat, faith, religion, tradition, reconquest of the Kingdom of Valencia, Muslim combat, siege of Valencia, Llibre del repartiment (registry of properties donated by the King), Llibre dels Fets (chronicle of the King), death of Jaume I.

A Generality of Valencia production
Made and produced by Adarve Producciones

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