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Format: Digital Betacam.
1 chapter.
Length: 15 min. Stereo.
Language: Valencian – Spanish.
Category: Video, documentaries, historical re-enactments and history.
Location: Valencia – Comunidad Valenciana – Comunitat Valenciana – Community of Valencia.

DESCRIPTION: The Battle of Almansa (1707) was a milestone in the War of the Spanish Succession, and marked the beginning of the end for the Crown of Aragon. To commemorate the 300th anniversary of the battle in 2007 a new thematic exhibition opened at the San Pío V museum where this audiovisual presentation was shown.
It shows the battlefields, the wars and the clashes between the Bourbons and the Habsburgs. Historical re-enactments with soldiers in period costume using old weaponry and 18th century combat techniques.

Categories: Video, documentaries, historical re-enactments and history, battle, war, military conflict, Almansa, Habsburgs, Bourbons, soldiers in period costume, period weapons, period weaponry, combat, fights, conflicts, soldiers, the military, décors, settings, camps, 18th century, 1707.

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