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Adarve Productions is a company dedicated to audiovisual and multimedia production, which in recent years have evolved into new fields in the development of audiovisual, and new technologies. We now introduce QR brands in our developments, applying this simple and effective technology for the interconnection of printed content with audiovisual and multimedia content on a network. 

What are the chronicles of the hidden history?
They are tourist and cultural guides - printeds on paper. On the one hand, this guide includes links to multimedia content hosted on the Internet, created to complement the printed content. Leveraging our experience in audiovisual production, there have been videos, audio descriptions and graphics, which help expand and improve the understanding of the raised path.
In his narrative, "Chronicles of the hidden history" suggests routes open, allowing you to discover artistic and social historical details that surround us to do them, but we can not see. Without neglecting the monuments commonly featured in every guide, we show details that are visible but are not usually interpreted.
With these guide, the walker enjoy with the  learning through a city hunt that combines technology and audiovisual.
In this pilot route will cross six centuries in the evolution of Valencia. From the Jewish Quarter to the modernist architecture of Peace Street, through our particular statue of liberty, to end at the foot of the liberator Jaume I.
These guides are intended to promote cultural tourism and heritage interpretation around us with a educational fun way. The routes will be a perfect excuse to go in groups in the streets of Valencia, Castellón Alcante or enjoying the surroundings and cuisine, while cultivating the mind.

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